Kidney Liberate


  • Liberate Water Retention
  • Liberate Urinary Tract Challenges
  • Liberate Kidneys

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Kidney Liberate

Kidney failure is one of the most devastating diagnoses a person can receive. The sufferer is faced with a life of dialysis treatments to mimic the body functions kidneys normally carry out. Why? Because the kidneys are a true workhorse, keeping your blood healthy for other body systems to use.

Even if you do not suffer from kidney disease, it pays to take care of your kidneys. After all, your blood is what provides energy, oxygen, and nutrition to every other system in your body, and without the kidneys, your blood becomes toxic and inefficient.

If you are experiencing changes in the appearance or frequency of urine, difficulty urinating, or the urge to urinate at nighttime, then you may already have minor kidney damage.

Changes in kidney function can be subtle, and many people don’t even know they have damage until kidney disease has progressed to the later stages.

Especially if you have diabetes or are over the age of 50, then it is important for you to take charge of your kidney health NOW.

Our Kidney Liberate formula is designed to help one of the most important organs for sustaining a vibrant life. Kidneys are vital for maintaining the health of all the other organs and determine the true age of your body. They play an essential role in eliminating toxic waste build up, and separate the important nutrients that help energize your cells. Our Kidney Liberate blend is a natural safe way to support the kidneys in doing what they need to do.

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60 Veggie Capsules

Serving Size: 2 Veggie Capsules

Servings Per Container: 30

Boldo Leaf
Buchu Leaf Ext. 4:1
Burdock Root
Chanca Piedra
Corn Silk
Cranberry Fruit Ext. 10:1
Dandelion Root Ext. 4:1
Juniper Berry
Nettle Leaf
Nettle Root
Uva Ursi

Regain total body health now with Kidney Liberate!


Kidney Health

Understand the important roles Kidneys play in your health!

  1. They help balance fluid levels in all tissues, including water retention and dehydration.
  2. Your kidneys filter every drop of blood in your body throughout the day and night—about 30 gallons a day while eliminating at least 1 quart of excess water and toxins a day.
  3. Kidneys play a crucial role in maintaining healthy blood pressure levels.
  4. Blood cells are dependent on proper kidney function to stimulate new production.
  5. Bone density is effected due to the kidneys’ role and activation of vitamin D3.
  6. They help balance the mineral and acidity levels in the body.