Much more than a frat guy’s drinking buddy.

Much more than a frat guy’s drinking buddy.

The underrated & underappreciated Liver

The Liver is pure magic.
Ok, maybe not magic, but close to it.
The liver is a fat busting, energy producing, brain stimulating, immune building, digestive health MACHINE!!
Did you get that?
That was Fat, Energy, Brain, Immune, Digestion.

A healthy/unhealthy liver influences your mood and outlook on life.
Feeling grumpy?
It might be your liver.
We don’t realize that the liver also plays a role in our neuro-transmitters and brain chemistry.
Even behavioral issues and mood disorders can be linked to an unhealthy liver.

The truth is, we rarely think about our organs.
And if we know anything at all about the liver, it’s usually the fact that it helps filter alcohol (and other toxins).
But it does SO MUCH MORE!

A true toxic waste cleaner
The liver is always filtering and regenerating itself (like Wolverine) for our benefit.
With an important role in digestion (move over stomach), it converts fats and foods into useful nutrients. Because you can’t stick a whole banana into your bloodstream you know.

Did I mention that handles hormones too?
The liver plays a significant role in hormone balance by breaking down the hormones once they’ve done their job in the body. If the liver isn’t healthy then the hormones go hang out together on one side of the ship causing an imbalance.

You may notice these effects with issues such as: 

  • Breast pain
  • Weight gain around hips, buttocks and thighs(females)
  • Weight gain in the upper part of the body(males)
  • Night sweats
  • Low libido
  • Depression
  • Fatigue

The liver is usually the last culprit we think of when dealing with these issues.

The liver is the unicorn of organs.
A unique, one of a kind, almost mythical like organ, doing a little bit of everything to bring health and sunshine to your life.
It does so much for us, asking for nothing in return.
So maybe it’s time to thank it by giving it some support. By taking simple steps to keep your liver healthy, like good old-fashioned diet and exercise, you can continue to benefit from all the work the liver does for you.
And when you need an extra boost, or maybe you haven’t “boosted” in the first place, add some Liver Liberate to your diet. It will give your liver all the rewards it needs when you can’t seem to find the time.

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