March – National Kidney Health Awareness

March 10, 2018

What’s shaped like a bean, the size of your fist and totally ignored? How your kidneys are like your ex-girlfriend. Don’t forget the beans.

Seriously, it’s a matter of life or death.

March is about Kidney Health Awareness…National Kidney awareness month
As a nation, it turns out it is necessary to remind us that we have kidneys.Does that not explain our level of body awareness as humans? SMH

But it’s true.

When was the last time you thought “Huh, I wonder how my kidneys are doing?”

Never. You never had that thought. Ever.

Because of that, the month of March is dedicated to remind you of these wonderful pieces of your

body. (yes, pieces, we have two)

Regulate water
You know what stuff that keeps you alive? Yeah, kidneys make sure you got the right levels of it.
Keeps your minerals balanced
There’s a lot going on in your body. Somebody’s gotta pay attention to where it all goes. Your Kidneys remove waste and keep your minerals in check, going where they should.

Produce hormones
Those things that basically keep your head on straight, regulate blood pressure, red blood cell production, and give your emotions some ooomph? You’re kidney’s got this all under control, even when you don’t. (Yea, I cried at that commercial too)
What does this got to do with you?
Look to the person on your left, look to the person on your right. One of you has a kidney problem. Woah!

Anyone can get kidney disease at any time and 1 in 3 are at increased risk of kidney disease. Left undetected it’s a silent killer.

Did you hear that?
I said SILENT!
This means your kidney is like your ex girlfriend who would never tell you when she was mad. And just like her, you have to go ask. “Hey, are you ok?”

Are you at risk?
Don’t guess, get tested!
Talk to your doctor.
• Share your lifestyle. (diet, alcohol, tobacco, activity, medications)
• Spill your current and past health issues.
• Complain about your unhealthy family. Ok, you don’t have to complain, but share any relevant family medical history.
After this your doctor may suggest a:
Urine test: ACR
Blood test: GFR

Easy Peasy!
Get it done, and bask in your new found kidney awareness.

(oh yeah, and tell those other 2 you looked at earlier that they should get tested too)

For more about Kidney Awareness Month Check out the National Kidney Foundation:

For Kidney support and nutrition try: Kidney Liberate


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