How To Eat More Holiday Dessert Without Worrying About Blood Sugar

The holidays are a time to be merry and share in good times with friends and family as you enjoy delicious foods and desserts. However, some people can’t indulge in such delectable treats due to things like diabetes. Even if they don’t have diabetes, high blood sugar levels can be harmful for their body. Everyone should worry about high blood sugar, especially around the holidays when treats and desserts are abundant.

When you eat a big meal filled with lots of sugary or starchy foods, the food travels to your stomach and intestines and then is converted into glucose, which is your body’s main source of fuel and energy. But these types of meals can provide your body with more glucose than it actually needs, raising your blood sugar levels.

Your body can usually decrease blood sugar fairly fast –about one to two hours after you eat – by releasing insulin, which is a hormone that’s produced in your pancreas. It basically signals your body to let blood sugar into its cells to use as more fuel and then store the left overs in your muscles. But after too much sweets or starchy foods, your body starts to pump out way too much insulin and this in turn makes your blood sugar levels drop too low. Now your body feels as if it’s still hungry even though you just ate. Your energy level drops and you might feel some unwanted side effects like a headache or tiredness.

Now that your body has lower than normal blood sugar levels, it then starts to raise them again by releasing hormones that tell you that you are hungry, making you overeat. So during the holidays, you’re most likely eating more than you normally wood because of fluctuating blood sugar level spikes, which can cause you to gain extra weight and feel tired and sluggish.

To combat this, Life Liberator Labs’ PANCREAS LIBERATE features a unique formula that has a direct impact on your blood glucose levels. With ingredients like Bitter Melon, Cinnamon Bark, Dandelion Root and Pancreatin (the enzyme for the pancreas), this formula helps provide safe support to your body’s glucose balance. By using this supplement, you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite holiday desserts and keep your blood sugar levels in check.






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