How to Cleanse Your Liver WITHOUT a Juice Cleanse

In modern society, people are pretty out of touch with their livers. Sure, you know that binge drinking is bad and water is good. You probably also know that you should avoid painkillers where possible, even over-the-counter meds such as Advil or Motrin. From time to time, you may have heard how important it is to cleanse your liver, and gone on a hunger-inducing days-long juice kick.

Well, you’re partway there. It is important to take care of your liver and to cleanse it periodically, but near starvation isn’t required. Luckily, there’s a better way to care for this vital organ for life. Before you learn about that, though, it’s crucial to understand exactly what services the liver performs and what a juice cleanse does for it. Then you can replace it with a cleansing system that works even better.

Why Worry About Your Liver?

The liver serves many purposes. It breaks down and converts the foods and drinks we eat into smaller building blocks, supplying the body with the nutrients it needs to function. It also stores these substances, breaking them out when cells call for them. Lastly, it converts toxic substances to harmless ones or else ensures that these toxins get passed out of the body where they can’t cause harm.

What Do Juice Cleanses Do?

The stated purpose of a juice cleanse is either to kick-start a weight loss regimen or to flush toxins from the body. Drinking only juice for a period of days or weeks does indeed help you lose weight, just as it rids your body of toxins.

However, there are side effects. Juice cleanses can even be dangerous, according to nutritionists. Intense calorie restrictions such as called for by cleansing diets aren’t good for you and can lead to nutritional deficiency. And though they might result in short-term weight-loss, long-term many people tend to put the weight right back on when they start eating food again.

How Can You Ditch the Juice Cleanse?

Helping your liver function at peak performance doesn’t necessitate ditching solid food for a week. Instead of using juice to wash toxins out of your system, try supporting your liver’s natural function. Because the liver is a detoxifying organ, if it’s working at peak efficiency, you shouldn’t need to use artificial means to clean it out; it does just fine on its own.

One way to keep the liver functioning properly is to eat a varied whole food diet. Eat plenty of vegetables, switch out red meat for other lean proteins such as nuts, legumes and fish, choose whole grains over processed, and eat lots of fermented foods (yogurt, sauerkraut and aged cheese are great options).

Beyond that, you might consider a supplement such as Liver Liberate from Life Liberator Labs. Scientifically backed products such as this one help bring the liver into balance so that the liver works more efficiently at dealing with toxic substances and digesting foods and fats.

True, lasting health and wellness depends on a tip-top liver. Instead of running with fads that aren’t proven to help you, opt for proven methods of supporting your body’s natural functions. Such an approach will lead to the kind of longevity and well being a juice cleanse could never provide.

For more help detoxing your liver, try Liver Liberate.



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