3 Ways Your Liver is Keeping You From Losing Weight

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Are you stuck? Are you doing all the right things and still can't get the weight off? It could be your liver. Your liver is largest gland in your body (and second largest organ), but when is the last time you gave it a second thought? The liver is kind of a big deal It [...]

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You Can Ditch the Cleanse

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So let's be honest.  We don't think about our livers until some celebrity says, "I lost all the weight by doing the XYZ liver cleanse", or something similar. We pause for a moment "liver cleanse, huh?" Then we shrug it off and go back to binge watching TMZ.   But do you really know anything [...]

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How To Eat More Holiday Dessert Without Worrying About Blood Sugar

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The holidays are a time to be merry and share in good times with friends and family as you enjoy delicious foods and desserts. However, some people can’t indulge in such delectable treats due to things like diabetes. Even if they don’t have diabetes, high blood sugar levels can be harmful for their body. Everyone [...]

Why Can’t I Lose Weight? 3 Reasons Your Liver Might Be Keeping You from Your Weight Loss Goals

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As the largest gland in your body, your liver performs many essential tasks. It acts as a filter to remove toxins, aids in digestion, and plays a role in regulating insulin and blood sugar levels. There are three main reasons your liver might be keeping you from achieving and maintaining your weight loss goals – [...]