4 Health Problems that Can Be Solved By Healing Your Gut

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All disease begins with the gut, according to Hippocrates, but modern medical science is just now beginning to understand the power of the digestive tract. Gut health is an essential part of overall health, and when your gut is unhappy, it shows.  A healthy gut can benefit the whole body. Consider four health problems that [...]

Why Exercise is Essential for Liver Detox

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The liver serves as your body's filter. It cleans the blood that comes from your intestinal tract, metabolizes drugs and neutralizes toxins that could harm your body. The liver is also responsible for other important jobs within the body, such as the secretion of bile. Unfortunately, with so many toxins entering the body every day, [...]

Running VS Walking – Which is Better?

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Running or walking? That is a question that has been pondered for some time. They are two of the most popular forms of physical activity, however, which one provides more health benefits is something that has long been the topic of debate. In fact, this has been so largely debated that several scientific studies have [...]