You Can Ditch the Cleanse

So let’s be honest. 

We don’t think about our livers until some celebrity says, “I lost all the weight by doing the XYZ liver cleanse”, or something similar.

We pause for a moment “liver cleanse, huh?”

Then we shrug it off and go back to binge watching TMZ.


But do you really know anything about your liver? (it’s on the right side btw)

Sure, you might know that binge drinking is bad.

Water is good.

Perhaps you’ve made it to advanced level, so you avoid painkillers and over-the-counter stuff like Advil & Motrin when possible.


But what about the hardcore Gwenyth Paltrow style stuff you hear about?

The days-long, juice-only,  body-detox, cleansing pilgrimages of health that only those who survive swear by.


Well’s here the kicker. While most advice pieces from the likes of Kim Kardashian can be taken with a grain of salt,  It actually is super important to take care of your liver and to cleanse it periodically.


 However, celebrity level starvation need not apply.


Luckily, there’s a better way to care for this vital organ that truly does so much for us.


Why Worry About Your Liver?

The liver does so much while asking very little in return.

  • It breaks down and converts the foods and drinks we eat into smaller building blocks,
  • Supplies the body with the nutrients it needs to function.
  • It stores substances, breaking them out when cells call for them.
  • Converts certain toxic substances into harmless ones
  • ensures other toxins get passed out of the body where they can’t cause harm.


If the liver isn’t in top shape, it reflects in his work. When there is a breakdown in any of these processes, we suffer.


What Do Juice Cleanses Even Do?

The stated purpose of a juice cleanse is either to kick-start a weight loss regimen or to flush toxins from the body.

Drinking only juice for a period of days or weeks can indeed help you lose weight, just as it rids your body of some toxins.

But there are various side effects.

And according to nutritionists, juice cleanses can even be dangerous. Intense calorie restrictions such as called for by cleansing diets aren’t good for you and can lead to nutritional deficiency. And though you might get into those jeans by the weekend,  most people tend to put the weight right back on when they start eating food again.


So Can You Ditch the Juice Cleanse?

Yes. Helping your liver function at peak performance doesn’t have to mean ditching solid food for a week.

Instead of using juice to wash toxins out of your system, try supporting your liver’s natural function.

The liver is naturally a detoxifying organ, if it’s working at peak efficiency, you won’t need to clean it in the first place; it does quite fine just on its own.


Juice Free Cleansing can be:

  • Eating a varied whole food diet (food closest to it’s natural form, Fruit vs. Fruitloops)
  • Eating plenty of vegetables (french fries don’t count)
  • Switch out red meat for other lean proteins  (like nuts, beans, and fish)
  • Choose whole grains over processed (bulgur vs. bread)
  • Eat lots of fermented foods (yogurt, sauerkraut and aged cheese are great options).
  • Consider a scientifically backed supplement that focuses on total organ health (Milk Thistle, Tumeric, Liver Liberate)


Long lasting health and wellness depend on a liver that’s treated better than, well, chopped liver. 

Instead of running with fads that aren’t proven to help you, opt for science backed methods of supporting your body’s natural functions.

This easy switch in approach will make all the difference, leading you to longevity and well being that a juice cleanse can never provide.


Now what?

Download our Ebook: More Than Just a Detox for a happy liver and a healthy you.


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