Be honest, you have no idea what your pancreas does.

Be honest, you have no idea what your pancreas does.

You have a pancreas…But why?

Your Pancreas in the spotlight

So you know you have a pancreas…(maybe)

But what does it actually do all day?

Of the many things, your pancreas produces insulin, enzymes, and hormones that help break down food.

Ok, but why is that so great?

That food becomes nutrients and energy for us to LIVE. Which is kind of a big deal.

If this process gets slowed down or stops, YOU SLOW DOWN OR STOP.


But there is another role the Pancreas plays
He has an alter ego, you may even say he’s a superhero.

He is …(drum roll please)


  • He gets in there and tells our blood sugar what to do.
  • He tells the glucose to get into our muscles when we need energy. (that makes him your gym BFF)
  • He sends excess glucose to the liver for storage in case of an emergency like stress. (that makes him your workday BFF)
  • He creates our insulin for crying out loud! (That makes him straight up awesome!)

What have YOU done today?

He is the forgotten warrior leading his army to keep us functioning and protecting us from the harms of stress.

Hip Hip Hurray!

BUT… (there’s always a but)

In order to do all this, the pancreas must be in functioning at his best. (like you after your morning coffee)

Giving your pancreas a potent blend of enzymes such as pancreatin 8x and amylase along with protease, lipase, cellulase, empowers your pancreas to lead all the way to victory.

And when your pancreas wins, you win.

So keep calm and have a quick moment of gratitude for your pancreas today!
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