3 Ways Your Liver is Keeping You From Losing Weight

Are you stuck?

Are you doing all the right things and still can’t get the weight off?

It could be your liver.

Your liver is largest gland in your body (and second largest organ), but when is the last time you gave it a second thought?

The liver is kind of a big deal

  • It processes everything we eat and drink
  • It acts as a filter to remove toxins from all that food and drink
  • It aids in digestion
  • It helps regulate insulin and blood sugar levels.

It is a remarkable machine for keeping weight under control, being both a fat burning organ and a fat pumping organ.

But if something is off, your liver can be your worst weight loss enemy.

You may find yourself with:

  • Toxic build up
  • Poor fat metabolism
  • Too much fat in the liver


So what does that really mean?

Toxic Buildup

Your liver filters out toxins from your bloodstream, such as ammonia and other byproducts. Alcohol and medications are also toxins removed by the liver. When your liver is overworked, these toxins can build up, resulting in inflammation associated with weight gain.

Stress can also cause fat to build up in various locations around your body but especially around your belly.

An overworked and stressed out liver can prevent you from losing weight, no matter how much you exercise or restrict calories.


Poor Fat Metabolism

When you eat, your liver produces bile that helps break down and absorb nutrients, including fat, from the food you eat.

The liver is your main fat burning organ. It regulates fat metabolism and gets rid of excess fat through bile pumped into your small intestine.

Without adequate fiber, some of the fats and toxins dumped into the intestines come back to the liver.

If this fluid is high in fat or toxins, it will add excessive weight.

A roll of fat in the upper abdomen is a strong sign that the liver is not metabolizing fat well. You may not be able to get rid of this stubborn fat roll until your liver starts to burn fat efficiently again.


Fatty Liver

There are many causes of fatty liver, including a high-fat diet and consuming artificial sweeteners. The constant return of excess fat through bile can also increase the amount of fat inside your liver.

Having a fatty liver and gaining weight is a vicious cycle.

Being overweight increases the risk for a fatty liver-having a fatty liver can prevent you from losing weight.


So what can you do?

Fortunately, adjusting your diet and taking supplements can help you restore liver function and lose weight.

Make sure to choose liver healthy foods and supplements focusing on total liver health in order to improve the way your liver makes bile, filters toxins from blood and metabolizes fat.

By addressing these three issues you have the potential to break through to your weight loss goals once and for all!


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